Frequently Asked Questions

I'm just starting out in scriptwriting, which format should I use?

Practical Scriptwriter makes it relatively easy to switch between different formats, however you should have a good idea if your script is destined for the Stage, Radio of Film/Television. A stage play script should use the Stage format, Radio scripts should use the Radio Play format. For everything else, or if you don't want to decide yet, use the Screenplay format.

Are the script formats universally accepted?

All major production and media companies will have slight in-house variants, but the screenplay format should be acceptable to everyone. Practical Scriptwriter is used by thousands of users worldwide and our users have submitted scripts to organisations as varied as the BBC (UK), Raindance (US) and many other television companies, Film Producers and Radio Stations.

I want to add blank lines to my stage direction but my carriage returns are being ignored.

Type a hard space onto a blank line and it will be formatted as a blank line.

I've got a new computer/wiped my hard disk/had some other problem and I need to reinstall

No problem, download the latest version here. If you need to reactivate your code, use the contact form and use the PayPal email address you used to purchase a code. If you no longer use the PayPal email address, enter you name and address to allow us to find your code and reactivate it.

I belong to a writers circle/media company/school/university/some other organisation and we need several licenses

No problem, use the contact form, tell us how many you need and we will get back to you with a custom quote. Discounts are available and we like to support new writing where we can. We cannot discount single use licenses as we already keep the price as low as possible.

I have an existing script I need to import, how can I do this?

If your script is in fountain format or plain text, use the import within Practical Scriptwriter