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Automatic formatting

Assisted writing plus powerful automatic formatting

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Produce professional, industry standard scripts

Designed for submissions to the BBC and Hollywood.

Activate on any windows device you own with a single purchase.

Free updates for everyone.

logo If you intend to submit work to the BBC in the UK, look no further, this is the reason Practical Scriptwriter was developed. If you intend to submit to US institutions such as Sundance, Amazon Studios or Hollywood, we have a 55 line screenplay format designed to their requirements. Here's a list of the script formats we support.

  • UK and US Screenplay
  • Screenplay with scene numbers
  • Stage Play
  • TV Show Episode
  • Scene Style Radio Play
  • Taped Drama (BBC)
  • Taped Sitcom (BBC)
  • Paper Saving Green Draft (for proof reading)

Producing a finished script involves several distinct types of work:

  • Collecting Ideas
  • Story Development
  • Character Development
  • "Free Flow" writing of dialogue and action
  • Rereading and reworking the script to produce a final draft.
  • Producing printed Character Lists, Title Sheets and a Treatment.

Practical Scriptwriter provides flexible, easy to use tools to help in all these areas, in one package.

One of the main benefits of using the software is that your script content is separated from the formatting information, so you can print your script as a Stageplay or TV Episode or a Screenplay.

Obviously the content of a Radio Play is far different from a Screenplay, so you do have to commit to a particular format at some stage. But imagine adapting a Screenplay to another format. This software does at least half of the work automatically, you are free to concentrate on the important things.

Ease of use is another strong feature. During development we have had input from professional writers, school children and complete beginners. We can confidently say our software is easy to use.

Imagine you want to just write a single page of a script. You will be able to write the dialogue and stage directions and print out an industry standard formatted script page in minutes. With just a few mouse clicks you can print the same page as a Screenplay, TV Show Episode, Radio Play or Stage Play.

Practical Scriptwriter is designed from the ground up to provide writers with an easy to use tool that removes the burden of formatting and reformatting a script. Traditional scriptwriting software products are mainly word processors with a few extra functions. They all get the job done so the choice is purely how it fits the way you work.

Install Practical Scriptwriter and see for yourself. This download contains only Practical Scriptwriter, no extra apps or toolbars. Its a free unlimited time trial, upgradeable by purchasing an activation code.

Selected feature list

  • Supports UK and US Screenplay formats and paper sizes
  • Industry Standard Formats for Film, Stage, TV and Radio
  • Windows 7, 8 and 10 compatible.
  • No word processor needed
  • Requires no knowledge of script formatting or script layout
  • Adapt / Reformat your work for any media instantly.
  • Effortlessly edit and arrange your script without worrying about breaking the format
  • Import from plain text and Fountain.
  • Export to PDF, XPS, HTML and Fountain.
  • Fully Featured Trial Version (except print/export capability)
  • Character and Plot Notes
  • Fast Mouse-Free writing
  • Auto Complete for character names and scene headers
  • Write in the font and font size of your choosing. Auto formatting selects the correct font for the finished script.
  • Script metrics including word count per character and proportion of dialogue to stage direction.


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